(Friday, November 1, 2013) – Mark Farina, Bump In The Night

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Friday November 1, 2013

333 S. Boylston St., Los Angeles, CA, 90017


$25 – Early Presale


Mark Farina – Urban Coyotes Tour
Great Lakes Audio
Dope Den


Modern day record minstrel, Mark Farina, has thrilled crowds globally, entertaining over 1 million fans per year. As one of the most ubiquitous DJs in Dance Music, Farina’s known for both his unique style of mixing Jazz, Downtempo and HouseMusic as well as being the creator of Mushroom Jazz: West Coast jazzy, organic productions combined with East Coast Hip-Hop, Urban beats.

Drawing from his vibrant youth, which included being a trumpet player in marching band, a drummer in a nu wave cover band and a guest DJ, Friday nights on WNUR (Chicago), Mark found his passion for the luscious world of vinyl, turntables and nightclubs. At 16, Farina began his DJ career as a resident at Chicago’s underage mecca, Medusa’s. At the same time Mark joined forces with emerging DJs Derrick Carter and Chris Nazuka then moved into a loft space called Rednail. Rednail became infamous not only for raucous parties but also as the home to the trio’s first productions under the moniker, Symbols & Instruments. Their release,”MOOD,” sold 35,000 copies in the US & UK and is credited as “the first ambient house track.”
Farina relocated to San Francisco in 1992. Fans embraced Mark’s downtempo style and he started co-hosting a weekly Mushroom Jazz club night in ʻ93. In 3 short years, Farina established a fanatical, cult-like following for his Mushroom Jazz sound and in 1996, OM Records released the first mixed comp CD, simply titled, Mushroom Jazz. Since then, Mark has released 7 volumes of Mushroom Jazz with 2013 marking the 20th anniversary of the series. Other notable releases include OMʼs Seasons, San Francisco Sessions Vol. 1, Connect, House of Om, Live in Tokyo, and Fabric 40.

Iz and Diz
Vizual Records


The Iz & Diz story began in 1991 when Dwayne ‘Diz’ Washington and Joshua ‘Iz’ Michaels met at the now infamous Red Nail encampment in Chicago and became instant friends. Building on this affinity, their mutual love of music, and their previously yet separately established nicknames, the duo made their first musical steps together as Iz & Diz in 1993.
As djs, both Iz and Diz played a huge variety of music — everything from downtempo to techno — yet they always found a way to weave an organic soulfulness into every set. This influence also translated to their nascent musical productions and continues to this day. If a common theme could be found when listening to the oeuvre of Iz&Diz it would be the seamless blending of organic and electronic elements and the results have been nothing short of phenomenal.
From their first release ‘Patterins’ (Balance Recordings, 1994), recorded at the KMS Studios in Detroit, to the quirky, organic ‘Mouth’ (Classic, 2002), to ‘Magnificent’ (OM, 2006), culminating in their latest release ‘XXXX’, Iz & Diz have never shied away from experimentation yet always stayed true their musical roots. With seminal releases on Silver Network, Seasons, Vizual Records, Tweekin’, and OM, the pair have delivered some of the most memorable musical moments of the past two decades.
On the strength of their musical output, along with their well established dj skills, the two have toured all over the world: residencies at Fabric in London, in Chicago and San Francisco, regular stints in Europe, Australia, Asia and all over North America. While both are extraordinary djs in their own right, make no mistake — the Iz&Diz show is something else altogether and should not be missed.






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