A Club Called Rhonda @ 333 Live

Rhonda is a woman, Rhonda is a party, Rhonda is a label.  Rhonda is an ideal, a feeling, a trait.  She’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue, on the top of every list, inside the places you wanna be, she’s the face you always hope you’ll see.  Nobody knows where she came from or why she came, all we know is that she JUST WON’T STOP.

Rhonda and her followers have been building monthly shrines to Dionysus since early 2008 with live soundtracks from some of dance music’s most influential floor fillers such as Cosmo Vitelli, Simian Mobile Disco, Kon & Amir, The Magician, Still Going, Monty Luke,  Special Disco Version (LCD Soundsystem), Hot Chip, Scott Grooves, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Runaway, the Rapture, Hercules & Love Affair, In Flagranti, Marshall Jefferson, Jacques Renault, Juan MacLean, Aeroplane, Harvey, Roy Davis, Azari & III, Tim Sweeney, Mike Simonetti, Traxx, House of House, Nicky Siano, Todd Edwards, DJ Pierre, and Holy Ghost.   Her vim and vigor for nightlife have landed her on the top of “must do” lists the world over, making Rhonda L.A.’s undisputed mecca for HOUSE, DISCO, AND POLYSEXUAL HARD PARTYING.

More recently Rhonda is setting up a 12″ record label under the name Rhonda International.  Keep your ears peeled for limited run releases in the hemispheres of house, disco, and hedonism.

As Rhonda is a VERY busy woman, she leaves most of the grunt work to her two most able-bodied and minded sons: GODDOLLARS & GREGORY ALEXANDER. Goddollars and Gregory Alexander make up the ying and yang of A CLUB CALLED RHONDA.  One being straight, the other being gay, one being the audio, the other the being the visual, but both with an insatiable taste for hard partying.

You can catch Rhonda, Godollars, Gregory Alexander and all the other beautiful specimens that make up A CLUB CALLED RHONDA at her various parties around town. Stay locked to this website, her Facebook, her Twitter, or her Tumblr for up to date news and all her happenings.


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